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Nev Foundation Fundraising Cookbook

Let us help you raise funds for your organization. Start your fundraiser by purchasing a minimum of 50 Cookbooks, increasing in increments of 25.

Our Fundraising Cookbook

Every page is remembering a “Victim of an Alcohol-Related Crash” – as parents who have lost a child we found featuring Brent was very therapeutic for us and we feel it will help all victims’ families who have lost someone they love. We felt it is a way to honour and pay tribute to their lives that was cut tragically short because of alcohol. It is a unique way of paying tribute to these loved ones, giving back to the community while at the same time earning money for your organization.

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We welcome Sports Teams, Schools, Churches, Day Care Centers, Citizen Centers, Humanity Groups, Ministries, Charities and all Nonprofits. The cookbook makes a great Client Gift and/or Office Gift Exchange. Support NEV FOUNDATION fundraising to raise funds for your needs.

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Why use Nev Foundation Fundraising?

This fundraiser is uniquely different because you are using a charity product and tagging with a real charity – NEV FOUNDATION Nonprofit fundraising cookbook allows the fundraisers to make good money and at the same time they are earning equally good money for worthy causes that embody the spirit of Brent and giving back to your community.

Partnering with a real charity such as NEV FOUNDATION helps teach kids how to contribute to a bigger cause and, raise more money. It is much easier to solicit funds from businesses or individuals when you can share that portions of all of the proceeds are going to support charitable organizations. Also, because you are raising funds for a charity, people who you approach that support that particular charity are more likely to donate to your fundraiser. It is a Win/Win/Win for everyone!

Fundraising that is "Making a Difference for Charities"

Purchase a NEV FOUNDATION Fundraising Cookbook directly from Nev Foundation and you will be supporting our mission by fueling local Educational Scholarships, community projects, and our list of registered local and national charities. This is a wonderful Brent gift that can be put to many uses. They are fantastic stocking stuffers, make an excellent gift for every household and are great for office gift exchange!

When fundraising for charity, the idea is usually not just to raise funds but also to raise awareness about the cause your charity supports. Everyone is interested in helping their community.

View The Cookbook | Order the Cookbook Now | Beneficiaries