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  In Rememberance  

In Rememberance

This section is dedicated to our CHILDREN, the ones who left this world way too soon. It is for them we remember.

After experiencing the loss of Brent, Rick and Aleta (Brent’s parents) began connecting with other grieving parents who have lost a child. The loss of a child at any age for any cause is the most painful experience we will ever have to face.

All of these special CHILDREN were cheated out of life. They deserve to always be remembered. We hope to honor them here with these loving tributes of their very special and young lives.

For anyone who knows a family experiencing such a tragedy, feel free to forward this website and maybe in time they too would like to send a photo and a tribute of their son and/or daughter. We would be honored to remember your precious loved one. Send us an E-mail. info@nevfoundation.com


  Those we Remember  
OCTOBER 5, 1984 – MARCH 17, 2006