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Brent was a very caring, intelligent, ambitious and hard working young man. He took the work ethic, sportsmanship and team spirit he learned from hockey, golf and baseball and applied it to his whole life. He was a loving son, brother, grandson, cousin and friend. Brent always put family and friends first and consistently extended a helping hand, a listening ear and a welcoming smile to everyone. He had such magnetism that people loved to be with him and the more people around him the happier he was.

The pain of losing Brent will never go away. We live with it each day and life will never be the same. It will be very difficult to redefine our lives. It will take faith, prayers, strength, energy and commitment to engage in life again. We have such intense moments of wanting to be with Brent again, to talk, laugh and share.

He never missed an opportunity to say “I Love You!” We know that he loved us and knew how much we loved him. The love will continue to grow inside like a song that plays quietly in the background of our days. This time of acute grief often feels like a nightmare – something so terrible it could not possibly be real. There is an intense wish to awaken and find that it was only a horrible dream. “We miss you so much, Honey, and we love you more than life itself. Nothing or no one could ever fill the emptiness we all feel every waking hour.”

Brent was known for his big heart and his desire to help others. He has left those footprints on our hearts. This foundation has given our family a purpose and an opportunity to keep his beautiful memory and spirit alive. This is an opportunity to leave a legacy of Brent to last a lifetime and make sure his short life is not in vain.