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William M. SWEENEY

William (Bill) M. Sweeney retired from the RCMP in July 2010. Bill was the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Operations for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ottawa, Ontario. Prior to his transfer to Ottawa, Deputy Commissioner Sweeney served in Alberta in the early 1980’s, and returned in 2001 as the Commanding Officer of Alberta. During his service in Alberta in the early 80’s, he worked closely with Richard Neville, a retired RCMP Officer.


Robb is a partner in the Calgary office of Heenan Blaikie, a large National Law Firm. Robb is currently the General Counsel for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Members’ Legal Fund, and through this association, he worked closely with Richard Neville.


Joe retired from the RCMP in February, 2008, after 32 ½ years of service. Staff Sergeant Major Mitchell was the Executive NCO for Deputy Commissioner Sweeney. During his service, he has worked closely with Richard Neville and Mr. BEEMAN.

Richard A Neville

Rick is the father of Brent Neville. He spent 28 years in the RCMP before retiring as a Staff Sergeant. Rick is retired from the Energy Security Industry.

Aleta Neville

Aleta is the proud mom of Shelley, Ryan and Brent who lives in our hearts. Aleta was President for 4.5 Years with The MADD Red Deer & District Chapter. Aleta is President for Nev Foundation and Self Employed with Melaleuca – an International Manufacturer of Wellness and Environmental products.